Cognitive Hypnotherapy To Stop Smoking

Using hypnotherapy to quit smoking is one of the traditional and best known uses of this type of therapy.  Some hypnotherapists will promise that you can quit in a single session.  Some people do, but I don't offer that promise because I have no idea what we are going to come up against.  In "one-shots" the potential is much higher than normal for setting the client up to fail and walk away unsuccessfully (or fail later), when all they might have needed was another session or two to really get to and resolve the root of their smoking habit.

The smokers I see tend to fall neatly into three groups...

Those who are already on the verge of giving up anyway and just need a final push.  These generally only need a maxiumum of a few sessions.

Those who are having more serious difficulty quitting, maybe having tried a number of times / methods before and sometimes with some success for a while.  More in-depth work usually required.

Those who don't really want to quit at the moment (sounds odd but true).  They may be just coming along to keep other people happy (in which case they may or may not choose to continue once they realise this), or they are unconsciously doing some of the groundwork to allow them to quit in the future at a time that's right for them.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is cutting-edge therapy treatment that has a wide range of psychological tools we can use to help people successfully stop smoking now and in the future, and address the unique and individual root causes behind smoking that caused it to become a habit in the first place.