Cognitive Hypnotherapy For Relationship Counselling
and Relationship Issues

"Nobody can hurt me without my permission” — Mahatma Gandhi

Relationships between people, especially those we are closest to physically and emotionally, are continuously influenced by the many patterns stored in our subconscious brains, and although they govern a large proportion of our daily social behaviour, most people have little or no conscious awareness of their involvement before, during or after some sort of personal interaction.

Most of these patterns are built up during the early period of our lives (usually before the age of about 12 or so) with a view to keeping us safe and moving us towards things we believe are good for us in some way.

These subconsciously-driven interchanges between partners, spouses, parents and children (and other relatives and friends) can be the cause of disagreements and disputes, quickly escalating out of control into full blown arguments as the patterns driving the behaviour fire off left, right and centre.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is research-proven hypnotherapy that can help people to investigate, review and (if they choose to) change these subconscious patterns so they gain deeper insight into these important areas of our minds, and respond in relationships in whatever they consider is a more constructive and positive manner. Typically when working with relationship issues we would mix individual work with some joint sessions between the people involved.