Cognitive Hypnotherapy For Life Coaching

"Life is really simple but we insist on making in complicated" - Confucius

The way we observe and participate in life is goverened largely by the thousands of patterns that are built up and stored in our subconscious minds, with the overall aim of protecting us from harm and moving us towards things we think are (or in the future will be) beneficial to us in some way.

Although they are subject to continuous assessment and some tweaking as we get older, most of these patterns have their origin and are firmly estabilished before around the age of 12.  Its perhaps one of life's strange paradoxes that most of us as adults rely so heavily day-to-day on mental patterns that were constructed at a time when our brains didn't have anything like the rational capabilities of an adult.

When undertaking life coaching work with a client, from a Cognitive Hypnotherapy perspective we will often aim intially to examine and if necessary resolve any underlying subconscious patterns that may be holding you back from being the person you would be happiest being and living the life you'd ideally like to live, then in the maintenance phase dealing with life's ups and downs and keeping you on the path towards fulfilment, achievement, life satisfaction, helping others or whatever it is that you believe your life is ultimately about.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy's wide-ranging and research-proven therapeutic framework gives us the modern psychological tools required to help coach people simply and easily through life and its many challenges.