Cognitive Hypnotherapy For Confidence Issues

Fear of public speaking, shyness, social anxiety, lack of self confidence

Although there may be some element of genetic predisposition towards confidence issues, most manifestations of a lack of confidence stem from patterns that are created and stored subconsciously when we are young, usually before the age of around 12 or so.

Think about the first time you had to get up in front of group of other people, perhaps at school, and perform or present in some way.  Did you find it a positive experience (perhaps profoundly so), was it neither particularly positive or negative (the majority will usually react this way), or was it a negative experience (also perhaps profoundly so) ?  What sort of subconsious patterns might exposure to this sort of situation setup in a young person who's brain hasn't yet developed the full rational capabiliities of an adult ?

Confidence and associated issues *can* manifest themselves later in life - however these tend to take a particularly stressful event (such as an otherwise healthy older person taking a fall) or a relatively rapid or prolonged series of smalller stressors that overwhelm our ability to cope.

Confidence in certain areas can also be impacted by a perceived lack of control, which can lead to the development of anxiety issues and possibly contribute to the emergence of phobias.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is at the cutting edge of mental health therapy, and the ongoing QCH research project is already proving it is one of the most comprehensively effective therapeutic disciplines currently available.  With the assistance of an experienced therapist it skillfully and flexibly helps you directly target your own unique subconsious patterns to help you reduce and eliminate problems such as social anxiety, shyness, presentation fears and other confidence issues.